COVID-19 precautions and rules for the guests – Things to know before booking a stay during pandemic

Our safety measures during pandemic of corona virus at leestays in Lonavala

We fully understand that you may be experiencing stress and disruption during this global pandemic situation with travel restrictions. We would like to inform you that we are constantly monitoring the situation and adapting all required measures as advised by local and national authorities.

The below precautionary and response measures against covid-19 are helping us to continuously provide a safe travel and accommodation for you.

Rules for the guests during pandemic

  • Guests should not book a stay or travel in case of sickness
  • Guests have to use face mask, which has to be worn all the time inside the property, as per government instruction. 
  • Guests have to carry small bottle of hand sanitizer.
  • Guests have to do self service. Host will only be able to provide contactless delivery of food.
  • Guests will have to immediately vacate the property if any guest is sick or violating above rules.

Ensuring safety at every stage

  • Mandatory use of masks, gloves and sanitizer for all our associates.
  • Resuming operations at only 33% of our capacity.
  • Regular temperature and oxygen saturation checks of all guests, associates and partners upon check-in and check-out. We have kept infrared thermometer, pulse oxymeter and sanitizer at the entrance of the property.  
  • Sanitizing luggage and personal belongings of the guests while check-in.
  • Rigorous deep cleaning and application of disinfectants in all rooms.
  • Cleaning of all high-touch points like door handles, buttons, counter tops, table tops and railings with disinfectant at regular intervals.

We’re ready to welcome you for a remarkably safe stay, where caution is the new normal.

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