Mr. Bean Trampoline Park, Lonavala – Photos and Ticket Pricing

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Looking for something fun to do with your family in Lonavala? Look no further than Mr. Bean Trampoline Park, a place where you can relive childhood memories with your kids and create new ones. Featuring a well-maintained facility and friendly staff, this park is sure to delight visitors of all ages. Let’s examine what this park has to offer, including ticket information and some captivating photos.

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Ticket Information and Pricing

1 hour₹499₹599
1.5 hours₹549₹699
2 hours₹649₹799
  • Charge for kid below years will be ₹360
  • Above rates are inclusive of taxes
  • Grip socks will be charged ₹80
  • Weekend charges on Friday, Saturday and Sunday
  • Weekend charges on all government holidays

A Perfect Place for Kids

The Mr. Bean Trampoline Park is for kids of all ages, even toddlers and teenagers. There are many fun things to do there like jumping on trampolines, playing in ball pools, climbing walls, and building with foam blocks. Your kids will have a great time and be entertained during their visit.

Parents who have visited the Mr. Bean Trampoline Park with their children can vouch for the joy and excitement it brings. One visitor shared, My 3-year-old son had a blast at this park. He didn’t want to leave and wished he could stay all day long. Seeing him enjoy himself so much was a priceless experience” The park’s staff is known for their politeness and friendliness, ensuring a pleasant and safe environment for everyone.

Mr. Bean Trampoline Park Video - Vlog

Captivating Photos

To give you a glimpse of the fun-filled atmosphere at Mr. Bean Trampoline Park, we have compiled a collection of captivating photos. These images showcase the vibrant trampolines, ball pools, climbing walls, and other engaging activities available at the park. From children jumping with delight to families enjoying quality time together, these photos truly capture the spirit of this fantastic attraction.

Food at Mr. Bean Trampoline Park

The food at Mr. Bean Trampoline Park can be different depending on what different people like and have experienced. Some people said the food is not very good and needs to improve. Others said they liked it. It’s best to expect that the food at the park might not be amazing and you might not like it, even though some people do. The park might have only a few different foods to choose from and some people might not like the taste.

Planning a visit to Mr. Bean Trampoline Park?

If you plan to go to Mr. Bean Trampoline Park in Lonavala, remember that it can be crowded on weekends, so it’s best to plan your visit ahead. The park has plenty of parking spaces, which makes it easy for people who come by car.

How to reach Mr. Bean Trampoline Park?

Mr. Bean Trampoline Park is hardly 2 Km away from city center and It is just beside the old Mumbai – Pune highway. It is very reachable and connected to all transport facilities.  

To get to Mr. Bean Trampoline Park, you can go by car, train, or bus. If you’re driving from Mumbai, take the Mumbai-Pune Expressway. If you’re driving from Pune, take the Pune-Mumbai Expressway. Once you arrive in Lonavala, use GPS navigation or the signs to get to the park.

If you want to come by train, Lonavala has a station that connects to Mumbai and Pune. After you arrive, you can hire a taxi, auto-rickshaw, or use local transportation to reach the park.

Lastly, you can take a bus to Lonavala from different cities in Maharashtra. Take the state transport or a private bus to Lonavala bus stand and then hire a taxi or auto-rickshaw to get to the trampoline park.


If you want to have fun with your family, go to the Mr. Bean Trampoline Park in Lonavala. They have lots of things to do and the staff is nice. Everyone can have fun there, no matter how old they are. Buy your tickets and wear the special socks they provide so you won’t slip. Get ready to jump, bounce, and have a really good time at Mr. Bean Trampoline Park.

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